Pocket Money Tzedakah Box


The design of this tzedekah box is based on the verse from liturgy that says that one of the Almighty’s dressings is charity: this is the reason that charity is divine. Hence, there should always be small change in one’s pockets to fulfill the mitzvah of charity. Avi uses trouser pockets to combine the deed with the verse: “He donned victory like a coat of mail, with a helmet of triumph on His head, He clothed Himself with garments of retribution, wrapped Himself in zeal as in a robe.” For added emphasis, Avi “sews” the letters of the Hebrew word Tzedakah onto the front buttons. The Hebrew words Kessef Kiss (pocket money) are silver-soldered onto the top of the cover. Change is dropped into the box through the front pockets, while banknotes are inserted inside the back pockets; money is removed by taking off the lid.


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Materials: Sterling silver

Size: 4 1/2″ diam x 4 1/2″