Our Promise: To delight hearts and minds and create community by connecting clients with artists through goods for the soul.

Goods for the soul are creations that have both beauty and spiritual meaning.
They are goods that reflect our respect for our artisan community, that allow us to give back.
Most important, they are goods that make us smile.

For our mindful and discerning friend, who is searching for that uniquely spiritual item that speaks as meaningfully to its buyer as it does about the hands from which it came, The Aesthetic Sense is the inspiring and trusted partner that makes the whole experience good for the soul.

"We aim to delight the heart and spark the mind.
We love to share in others’ joys.
We believe transparency makes a clear difference.
We believe a better journey means a better work of art."

  • Ethical Sourcing

    Knowing each of our artisans personally. Taking the time to understand their stories and their journeys. Treating them with fairness and respect, and ensuring that they treat their community with respect and fairness. Providing them with an outlet to showcase their work, sometimes their first opportunity to do so, and making certain that each piece is showcased with care and grace.

  • Unparalleled Level of Customer Service

    The journey is as important as the item purchased. Whether you are looking for a greeting card or a significant piece of art, we make certain that the entire experience is one of joy, laughter, emotion, and spirituality: Goods for the Soul.

  • Giving Back

    Shopping can and should be a force for good, a force that can benefit the community at large. Our collection includes certified fair trade, works from artisans who have never before had an outlet, and items created in workshops that employ the disabled and under-served. We donate a portion of our proceeds to charity.

We are driven by deep respect and appreciation for the creative process and the artisans that create.

We know each of our artists personally. They are not just our suppliers; they are our friends. We believe that each piece of work needs to be cherished and showcased for the art form that it is. It is our duty and obligation to present that art in a manner that reflects its creative origins.

We believe transparency makes a clear difference.

When it comes to our clients, it means truly caring about about where things come from, how they are made, and the stories behind them. When it comes to our artists, it means being honest and open about how we operate, what we hope to showcase and why, and our responsibilities to one another. We love to share in others' joys.

We believe that a better journey means a better work of art.

We believe that shopping can and should be for good. Thus, we are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to charity. We have always lived our lives with a strong commitment to giving back. We strongly believe that everyone, whether an individual or a business, has an inherent social responsibility not only to the community in which they live or work but also to the global community. We are committed to, and passionate about, causes that promote community unity and those which support the under-served and advocate for social justice. We also believe that in this great country no one should be left behind: we believe that those of us who have been successful have an obligation to ensure that every individual has that same opportunity.

We are dedicated to helping our client find the perfect item.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, not on making a single sale. To this end, we distinguish ourselves by helping our clients make the right choice for them, whatever their budget. We believe that each purchase should reflect the thoughtfulness of the buyer, and speak to the buyer. If the item is not right, we are not afraid to say so.