Aesthetic Sense Gift Card

Can’t decide what to purchase? No time to shop? Want to let the recipient choose? Our gift cards can be purchased in any amount. Contact us to purchase and a copy of the “card” and the code number for redemption will be emailed to you after check-out in a format perfect for gifting.

A bit of help in deciding upon the amount: different cultures place emphasis on certain numbers. In Judaism, for example, every Hebrew letter has a numerical value, and the magic number is 18, because the letters in the Hebrew word Chai – meaning LIFE – add up to 18. So people will frequently give gifts in multiples of 18, or with 18 in it (for example, $180 or $118).

In Indian tradition, a 1 is added to the end of an amount, as the added 1 signifies ‘I expect to see you soon’ and ‘continuity of relation,’ whereas a ‘0’ signifies the end (so, for example, $101 instead of $100).

Check out the cultural aspects of numbers, and let your gift card become the perfect personalized gift.

Hate it when a gift card expires on you? So do we: Ours do not expire.