Emily Rosenfeld

In 1988, after graduating with a degree in English, Emily started working for production jewelers, Lewis and Hubener, where she stayed for two years. Understanding that she wanted to earn her living with her hands and with her eye, Emily moved to the Bay Area, took a few workshops and began making her own jewelry in 1991.
For two years, in Oakland, Emily ran her business out of a Murphy bed closet. Since then she has lived, again, in New Paltz, NY, and she has now settled in Western Massachusetts. With a view of birch trees and a river we swim in during the summer, her studio is in a converted factory building filled with other artists. She feels continually inspired to develop new designs and play with new materials and techniques.Emily considers herself  privileged and thankful to be part of the immensely supportive and loving community of craftspeople and crafts buyers. Making her work makes her very happy; she hopes that owning it brings a measure of joy as well.
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"My work draws from a range of spiritual traditions. I use a contemporary aesthetic to create pieces with deep personal meaning. A nice match with The Aesthetic Sense."