Handwoven “Miriam” Purple Silk and Cotton Tallit and Bag


Inspired by Moses’ sister Miriam who brought forth water in the desert, this tallit has rich purples, blues and soft pinks, the colors of glorious desert sunsets.

Each Advah tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) is a work of art, designed in Sarah’s studio in Boston. Advah is proud to partner with Indigo Handloom to create the fabric for each Advah tallit — a blend of cotton and silk, lovingly dyed, handspun and handwoven by artisans in rural India. They are heavenly soft and luxurious and dyed in unique and vibrant colors.

Indigo Handloom’s mission is three-fold: low-impact job creation, the preservation of the handloom craft and reducing the environmental damages of the textile industry. By making handwoven fabrics, the average Indigo Handloom weaver can support an average of eight family members. This partnership is an essential part of how we think about living out our Jewish values with each Advah tallit we create.

The tallit are sewn together in Massachusetts by five women who are bringing high-quality manufacturing jobs back to the state.

As each tallit is handwoven and made in small batches, no two are exactly the same. Set includes a bag.


More Details

Material: 40% silk; 60% handspun cotton; certified Kosher wool tzitzit made in Israel

Size: The shawl size is 24″ x 78″. That tallit gadol size is 47″ x 78″ ($525.00)