Advah Designs – Sarah Resnick

Advah is the Hebrew word for ripple. Sarah and her team at Advah believe that taking the time to make every moment in life just a little more beautiful has an uplifting and rippling effect in our lives and on our communities. They are dedicated to marking life cycle events with ritual and beauty, and to celebrating the stories of the makers and dreamers who pour their love and spirit into everything that surrounds all of us. Advah tallitot (prayer shawls) are designed by founder Sarah Resnick, who partners with other artists to provide a full collection of items to help you celebrate love, mark important times in your life, and bring moments of joy and beauty to your day-to-day. Each Advah tallit is a work of art, and tells a story that the Advah team is proud of. The team works with: Traditional weaving communities in rural India who are spinning, dyeing and weaving each tallit An environmentally-friendly textile print shop in Pennsylvania A woman-owned cut-and-sew facility on Cape Cod dedicated to bringing high quality manufacturing jobs back to American soil Advah supports textile communities committed to environmental sustainability and fair wages. For Advah - and for us at the Aesthetic Sense - this is about living out our Jewish values in each item that the Advah team designs and creates. Sarah Resnick, Advah's founder, is an artist, a small business owner and a member of Boston's vibrant Jewish community. She has been designing and making textiles for over a decade, with a focus on textiles that celebrate ritual and connection. She also manages the operations of JOIN for Justice, a national non-profit which is dedicated to training and supporting Jewish community organizers, and works as a graphic designer making ketubahs and wedding certificates at Ink with Intent. Sarah is passionate about making products with stories her customers can be proud of — from partnering with traditional weaving communities in India, to working with environmentally-friendly textile printers in the heart of New York City.
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