YOUR Wedding Dress: Cloth to Clay Sculpture

The Wedding Dress is clearly one of the memorable garments worn in a woman’s lifetime. The style of the dress, the choice of fabric and detail is the ultimate expression of a bride’s aesthetic and a definitive example of her cultural environment.

Memories of the dress and the day it was worn live on the hearts and minds of women all over the world. As an ode to that special time and place, Renee Chase creates replicas of bridal gowns so that a woman can have a real image of that dress on view whenever she likes.

The sculpture serves as a wonderful memento and is often given as a bridal gift or as an anniversary gift one year or many years after the actual wedding. They are close replicas of the dress created from photographs of the bride at the wedding or during fittings before the wedding. The pieces are approximately 17 inches tall and are made to order over a period of approximately six weeks. They are made of white stoneware or porcelain. Pricing depends on the intricacy of the sculpture.


More Details

Materials: Hand built stoneware or porcelain.

Size:  17″ tall