The Jerusalem Woven Multi-Layer Papercut


An exquisite and contemporary example of a traditional Jewish art form. Granot is the modern day master of Judaica¬†paper cuts. Granot’s signature window on Jerusalem, the major influence in his work, sits at the center of this multilayered paper cut, around which are hand cut phrases from liturgy extolling the beauty and holiness of Jerusalem. 9 Layers of paper.

The liturgy surrounding the central design comes from the Amidah and from Birkat Hamazon (the blessing after meals). There are two separate prayers. Translated, they say: May we build holy Jerusalem quickly in our time; Blessed are you, oh Lord, who builds Jerusalem Рamen.

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Materials: Handwoven paper; multi-layer papercut

Size: 24″ x 31″ framed

Central Image: 9″ x 15″

Woven Paper: 18″ x 24″