Bride’s Prayer


This is a contemporary prayer inspired by traditional texts:

“The voice of my beloved comes near.
Lord of the Universe, eternally good and compassionate, make this a time of grace and wonder as I, the bride, come before you in great joy to thank you for bringing me, in safety, to this moment. My heart is as full of song as the sea is great, my tongue is filled with joy as with the lapping of the waves and my lips, like the heavens, are filled with praise of you.
I, the bride, thank you and, standing before you with my groom, the man of my choice, am ready in accordance with the laws of Moses and Israel to enter into holy matrimony.I pray that you will bless us with success in all that we do and that we should live together in love, joy, peace and goodness.Sanctify us with your commandments and grant us a portion of your Torah. May we be fulfilled by the power of your goodness and may our hearts, in truth and purity, be ready to serve you.The Lord is our rock and salvation. Amen. Amen.”This quality print picks up every detail of the original paper cut by Archie Granot, one of Israel’s pre-eminent contemporary paper cut artists. Simple gold frame.

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Materials: Framed giclee print

Print size: 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″

Frame Size: 10″ x 10″