Fair Trade Baby Pacifier Clips


These animal pacifier clips are really friends with cheery smiles and lots of character.  These handy clips keep hold of your little one’s pacifier,so they are always easy to find.  Just attach to the loop and then simply clip the strap to your child’s clothing.  These lovely bright products are also completely safe for your children to play with.

We like to think that toys made by Hathay Bunano spread smiles worldwide: the ladies who make them in Bangladesh smile because the toys bring them work, the parents smile because the toys keep their babies happy and enable them to shop with a conscience, and the babies smile – well you can see why! We hope you love this little pacifier clip as much as we do. This is our small contribution to supporting families in rural Bangladesh, to removing the need for economic migration to the cities, and to providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes. By purchasing this Fair Trade item, you are empowering artisans and promoting social justice by working directly with underprivileged artisans and paying them fair wages for handmade, quality products. Because of the fair wages artisans are paid, they are able to bring home enough enough money to support their entire families and send their children to school to receive an education.

This product is made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size, colour and design in line with the unique nature of this product.



More Details

Materials: 100% organic cotton, polyester fill

Fair Trade

Care: machine wash cold; tumble dry low