Earthy Green Berry Bowl and Saucer


Use for berries, cherry tomatoes, olives, grapes… anything you want to rinse and strain. The holes in this bowl are designed to allow water to drain and air to circulate keeping your fruit fresher longer. It comes with a matching saucer to set under the bowl to catch any leftover drips.

The bowl is wheel-thrown. Once leather-hard, Claire created the holes and trimmed the foot so that air can circulate under and through the bowl when it is on the table or sitting in the saucer. Glazed in a beautiful matte white with a glossy green overlay dripping from the rim.

Please keep in mind that pottery is handmade and each piece will have natural variations that make it unique and may differ slightly from the picture shown. Signed by the artist.

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More Details

Materials: porcelain, glaze high fired in a gas kiln

Size: bowl: 6″ x 2 3/4″; saucer 4″ diam

Food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.