Vicki Finkel

Vicki Finkel is a teacher, psychotherapist, and dedicated and creative ceramic artist. After working years as a freelance journalist in Africa, Vicki returned to her native New York City, where she discovered her passion for working with clay. As a teacher, she loves sharing that passion for clay, and also learning from others. She was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to study ceramics at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, in Colorado, and received a residency to study with master potters in Japan and then Korea. An exhibited artist, Vicki participated in the 2013 Karuizawa Taliesin Craft Market in Japan. When she's not busy with clay, she is often on her bicycle, or on the tennis court, or capturing images on her camera. Whether forming pieces on the potter's wheel or constructing by hand, she is continually in awe at the ability to shape one of the earth's most abundant renewable resources into lasting pieces that make eyes light up, and faces glow in delight. Her one-of-a-kind whimsical creations play with color and classic forms, transforming objects we use every day into functional works of art.  Expressing herself in clay, in shapes and hues that speak to people, Vicki feels, is an immense honor and gift. She never dreamed of being a ceramic artist, and now Vicki can not envision her life without making pottery.
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