Aimee Golant: Art for Prayer and Peace

A Bridge to Oneness By Karen Akst Schecter

It’s not every day that a gallery such as ours finds an artist that is such a terrific fit with the goals and mission of our enterprise: to celebrate the oneness of us all even as we celebrate an individual’s uniqueness, and to do as much good in this world as we can, even as we conduct business. Aimee Golant is one such artist; her art creates spiritual connection, hope, and healing by uniting people though religious and ritual art: Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness, and we are honored to represent her and have a huge selection of her work.

Her art for inspired living blends themes from a variety of religious backgrounds. For example, her Lotus Flower candle holders blends the teachings of three major religions and reflect purity of mind and body, beauty, prosperity and strength; a way to find one’s own still quiet voice. Her jewelry is simple and meaningful – her Window to the Soul necklace symbolizes oneness and each one of her mezuzah cases tells a story.

Read more about our relationship on Aimee’s blog.


Learn more about Aimee and browse her creations here.

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By Karen Akst Schecter