Sharon Levy

While most jewelry is mass produced in factories, Sharon's jewelry is made entirely by hand with the wearer in mind. In a time-consuming process, Sharon approaches her work from the perspective that each piece of jewelry she creates is an individual work of art starting with raw materials, precious metals and stones which are eventually transformed into beautiful objects that delight the soul as well as the eye. From handpicking each stone for maximum color and clarity from the gem dealers in Tel-Aviv, to the final polishing, every step is carefully performed. Making custom jewelry is a real treat for Sharon because each piece is different. Sharon's bio in brief: Years of silversmith and goldsmith studies in “Omanit” in Jafa-Tel Aviv ‘90-’95. Owner of  jewelry Gallery in Petah Tikva ’95-’96. Manager of “C-Tech” marriage rings in Batzra ’97-’99. Modeling designer for “Orgad” jewelry in Netanya ’02-’09.
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