Lace Pattern Glass Mezuzah Case


A unique mezuzah case; decorative lace print motifs against clear glass allow the doorpost and parchment to shine through. As each is hand made, no two are exactly the same and yours may differ slightly from the picture shown. Parchment sold separately. Click here for more information.

These mezuzah cases are crafted by the artists of Dror Beit Ha’Yotzer, a non-profit fine arts studio and gallery for artists affected by mental illness. Dror helps about 60 artists every year rebuild their lives, reintegrate into the community and live independently following their discharge from psychiatric hospitalization. In the Studio the artists can pursue their art, refine their professional abilities and develop work skills in a safe creative space that suits their needs, builds their motivation and self-esteem, and establishes career pathways. The gallery also holds joint exhibitions and activities with prominent Israeli artists which promote social and professional ties and help eliminate social stigma towards mental illness.


More Details

Materials: glass

Size: 6 3/4″ x 2″

Parchment sold separately. Click here for more information.