Robert Richter

Since adolescence, Robert Richter has been fascinated by the creative and artistic possibilities presented by wood. Throughout high school, college and medical school, and as often as possible throughout his career as a surgeon in New York City, he continued to pursue this craft. 

At the age of fifty he decided to spend more time perfecting his technique. For a number of years, though, whatever time he could spend in his workshop was necessarily restricted by the demands of his profession.

Now retired from his medical practice, he is rarely far away from his tools and collection of woods. The substance and grace of his works derive not only from their carefully proportioned shape, but also from the polished beauty of the fine woods he employs.

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"Karen & Jay: The only people I've known who have a true understanding of what is really involved in working with wood - the visual and tactile clues, the compatibilities of form and function - the factors beyond the technical."