Mordechai Rosenstein

Since 1979, Mordechai Rosenstein started creating Jewish Art and putting it up in people’s homes, synagogues, and agencies throughout the world. In addition, he had the opportunity to visit many different organizations and wanted to make sure that the walls of office buildings are covered with Jewish Art. From his studio in his home in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Mordechai creates myriad of pieces utilizing vibrant colors and flowing lines that transform the art of Hebrew calligraphy into a modern day feast for the eyes. In 2003, Barry Magen also from Elkins Park, joined Mordechai as a business partner. Barry works in the Rosenstein Gallery daily and with different synagogues, organizations and the general public. They have created unique lines of gifts that a person can be proud to display in their home or office. His unique style evolved as a result of various influences. He was a member of the first graduating class of Akiba Hebrew Academy. While studying at The Philadelphia College of Art, Abstract Expressionist professor Franz Kline profoundly influenced Rosenstein. By uniting his interest in Judaica and painting, Rosenstein has given a contemporary meaning to the art of Hebrew calligraphy. Mordechai feels that “It is very stimulating and rewarding to interact with members and communities throughout the country and develop a rapport with them." He has traveled throughout the country visiting many states where synagogues and conventions have exhibited Rosentstein’s works. Internationally, audiences in Zurich, Hong Kong, and London have welcomed Mordechai, viewing his paintings and learning from the slide lecture he presents. He has become one of the leading designers in the stained glass field. Synagogues all over the United States have requested Mordechai to create their stained glass windows, ark doors, Torah mantles, and memorial or builders’ walls. In the Summer of 1990, Camp Ramah in the Poconos dedicated Mordechai’s first outdoor steel sculpture in honor of their 40th anniversary.
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