Michal Ben Yosef

Michal Ben Yosef designs and creates ceramic Judaica and items for the home, and has done so for nearly 20 years. All of Michal's products are handcrafted and kiln-fired in Israel, ensuring long-lasting durability. Her artistic vision flourishes through continual experiment and ongoing study, employing unique and innovative techniques. Shapes and colors found in nature are inspiration to Michal. The motifs she selects for her work are drawn from the plant and animal life in Israel, and her ethereal palette reflects its seasonal cycle. Michal allows some of her work to remain partially unglazed, bringing forth the natural beauty of the bare material's unique body and texture. Michal treats her Judaica art pieces as jewels, incorporating verses from the Holy Scriptures with a golden touch. Michal's work captures with great sensitivity Israel’s spiritual qualities, beauty, and pure joy.
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