Lisa Steinberg – 2nd Floor Studio

Lisa Steinberg has been designing and creating by hand since 1997, when she and her husband Sol Rubinoff formed 2nd Floor Studio. Lisa, who earned a BFA from Pratt Institute where she studied Fashion Design and Illustration, had been working closely with art directors and design directors for publishing companies, creating collage illustrations mixed with vintage photos and drawings that were used for book covers and magazine editorials. Lisa explains: "Our love of vintage artifacts helped forge the first designs at 2nd floor Studio. On linen journals and wooden keepsake boxes we created themed collages. Each was one of a kind that incorporated torn love letters, postcards, vintage photos and other original artifacts". The sell was the exciting part for Sol, a second generation holocaust survivor who brought business acumen to the venture. "Our first buyers fell in love with the unique designs and original artifacts of our gift lines. We love working with small gift shop owners because they share the same values of commitment in seeking fine crafted products and building customer relationships." Naming the company was the easiest decision. Lisa's first studio apartment, where she began her journey as a freelance illustrator and designer, was on the 2nd floor of an apartment building on 2nd avenue in NYC. After she and Sol married, they lived in his 2nd floor studio apartment in Brooklyn but Lisa continued to work from her 2nd floor studio in Manhattan. A few years later we gave up both 2nd floor studios for a large 2nd floor apartment in Westchester, NY and, once again, Lisa set up her art studio on the 2nd floor. Although they have moved again, they continue to create designs that are carefully worked by hand, using handmade papers and the finest trims. Lisa not only creates, she is a college professor who teaches others skills to create as well.
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