Lila Carmen Osario

Lila, a skilled weaver, is the founder of the Tzanjuyu MayaWorks group in Guatemala. She is from the Tzanjuyu group who live in the highlands of San Juan Comalapa. Textiles are an integral part of the Mayan culture. Weaving is an ancient tradition passed down from mother to daughter. Young girls often learn to weave even before they start school and continue to weave throughout their lives. The artisans who craft these handmade fair trade tallitot and kippot are master weavers and crocheters who infuse years of experience into these beautiful sets. The artisans craft these handmade items with particular care because they understand how special each tallis and kippah is to the people who purchase them. MayaWorks believes that community development happens through economic development of women. MayaWorks is a nonprofit social venture that empowers indigenous women of Guatemala to achieve economic security by providing markets for their handcrafted products, access to microcredit loans and expanded educational opportunities.
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