Lev Schneiderman

Lev Schneiderman was born in the former Soviet Union, and he learned his craftsmanship skills in some of its best schools. Upon coming to Israel, he yearned to give shape and form to his beliefs and ideals. Lev opened his design studio in Israel’s sparsely populated Negev in 1997. Amidst the hushed desert sands of the Negev, Lev brings his masterful craftsmanship to bear, imbuing his designs with profound artistry, functionality and a touch of mystical inspiration. As the house designer for the President of Israel and Israeli Knesset, his designs have been presented as gifts by Israeli leaders and dignitaries. Lev's creative approach is embodied in his view that: "An item that has been handled many times with love and care emits a certain mystical energy." At the heart of his creative process is a blend of passion, mysticism, inspiration and a touch of surprise. Of course, talent and a commitment to quality are also part and parcel. But, the feelings and emotions that one brings to design or a work of art are what separate the master artist designer from the journeyman. Lev’s name means "heart" in Hebrew. How fitting for the individual and the extraordinary collection that is the fruit of his labor.
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