Laurie Gross

Laurie Gross is nationally recognized for her extraordinarily inspiring and spiritually based artwork. Inspired by biblical text, midrashic material and Jewish tradition she creates work that embodies universal themes, rich in metaphors. Seven of the studio's synagogue projects have received national awards in the area of religious art from the American Institute of Architects and The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture. Laurie's process as an artist involves reaching into the past and using those influences to move into the future. She holds memories of traveling through the lower east side of NYC with her paternal grandfather as he called on customers in Judaica stores where he sold torah binders and other objects. She still holds dearly the memories of her maternal grandmother who taught her the skills of sewing at a young age. Over 28 years ago, Laurie began with an idea that she continues to explore today. Through the use of ritual object as a sculptural form, she has delved into her tradition and learned from many sources. This journey has resulted in Laurie's own personal growth and understanding as a Jewish woman; it has enriched her spiritual and daily life.
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