Koresh Boteach

Koresh Boteach immigrated to Israel from Iran as a young child. Growing up in Jerusalem, he was exposed to all the different cultures that make up the city, and got to explore first hand many of the locations that help to make it such a unique city. Initially in life he chose to study agriculture, but was drawn away from that and to the artistic world. Raised in Jerusalem, Koresh was exposed to the diverse cultures that together make that city so meaningful and filled with history. Although he originally studied agriculture, Koresh was drawn to art and was inspired by the beauty of Jerusalem. He fell in love with Jerusalem stone, the quintessential rock that is mined in the Judean Hills: Koresh polishes and finishes each unique stones himself to ensure their beauty. To complement the Jerusalem stone and add variety to his work, Koresh incorporates glass and metals into his works. He also takes popular symbols within Judaism, such as the hamsa, Star of David, and renditions of the Old City of Jerusalem, and incorporates them into his pieces.

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