Ketti Camus

Ketti Camus is one of a small group of young, Israeli artists who have distinguished themselves in their works. The focus of their art encompasses a variety of Jewish and Universal concepts. Ketti was born in Safed. She studied art and design. She has made Safed her home, both living and working in the Old City. Her interest in art began as a young girl, influenced by the magic of Safed. Today, her artwork is an expression of her way of life. Ketti incorporates a wide variety of techniques in her works, including water colors, acrylics, oils and cut paper. She paints in a classic decorative style and in free form expression. Through her bold and exciting use of vibrant colors and styles, she captures the heart of the viewer. Ketti has developed to a very high standard her three dimensional cut paper technique. She is recognized universally for her three dimensional creations and has become popular and highly acclaimed for those which include pieces cut on a miniature scale. Ketti invests enormous energy on her designs ensuring that each piece is created with purpose and meaning. Today Ketti's work can be found in many private collections and public institutions around the world. In Ketti's wide range of compositions, she combines the opposites of abstract and detail. She thus achieves form and harmony , proving that differences make up a complete whole. This is an expression of her optimisim and 'joie de vive', and of her world view that in the end opposing forces can come together in Peace.

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