Kathy Rothfeld

Kathy started Kasaro Designs in 2005 after learning the craft of fine jewelry design and fine hand assembly under the tutelage of a distinguished jewelry house. Each of her creations grows from a vision, driven by the extraordinary aesthetic qualities of each and every element that Kathy includes in her finished jewelry. Kathy begins the creative process by scouring fine marketplaces. When a particular element--a bead, a crystal, a pendant, even a clasp that stands out from the ordinary--strikes her with its unique and particular beauty, she acquire it in anticipation of creating a design that will perfectly reflect the joy she feels when “that special something” inspires my imagination.   Kathy sometimes applies proprietary processes to the elements, adding subtle hues that further enhance the completed design...another step in creating jewelry that is unique in all the world. Kathy's hope for those that enjoy her work: that the joys of discovery and artistic effort that she brings to each and every one of her Kasaro Design creations will bring the greatest joy to your life, for years to come.
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"I am thrilled to be part of the Aesthetic Sense. It’s a wondrous shop that carries “goods for the soul,” with a large collection of Judaica, featuring jewelry, crafts, housewares and gifts."

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