Karen Silverman Anderson – Sea Ranch Jewelry

Karen Silverman Anderson's story is truly one of ethically sourced and produced work. She proudly hand makes Sea Ranch Jewelry in her little piece of heaven in Maine.  Since 2015, each piece has been made to order by Karen, just for you; she keep no stock pieces. Karen takes pride in creating beautiful coastal, boho and casual jewelry.  Her designs are her own, and she doesn't subcontract out any part of the production process. When Karen sources components, she seeks to strike a balance among quality, look & feel and cost, purchasing from Etsy sellers, US- and European-based suppliers, and directly from Asian distributors. Components include:
  • Silver plated tribal beads, charms and sliders.  Generally, these are base metals or alloys such as brass and zinc.
  • Stainless steel or plated base/alloy metal clasps that are RoHS certified (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) for lead and cadmium, and nickel free where possible.
  • Only stainless steel ear wires, which is considered the most hypoallergenic material for earrings.
  • Genuine freshwater pearls, grown in China.
  • Handmade fused glass beads created by artisans in Ghana from recycled glass soda and pop bottles.
  • Upcycled sari ribbons, fair-trade sourced from communities in eastern India.
  • Genuine dyed leather cords.
  • Patterned vegan 100% cotton woven cords.
  • Genuine cork sourced directly from Portugal (cork is a renewable, eco-friendly resource).
  • Genuine 925 sterling silver and blown glass for sand necklaces.  Also silver plated snake chains.
Karen's goal at Sea Ranch Jewelry is to design and create high quality, good-looking, hand-crafted jewelry that the wearer can and will love.  She hopes you like what you see!
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