Judy Sirota Rosenthal

Judy Sirota Rosenthal is a multi-faceted artist whose work--whether in two or three dimensions, prints or mixed media, assemblage sculptures or site-specific installations--is both provoking and comforting. Called an “elegant primitive,” she has created award winning art that explores making sense of the basic human experience and our relationship to the Unknown. Judy employs the play between reverence and irreverence, often creating or capturing ritual that is at once both personal and universal. Judy, who lives in Hamden, Connectiut, is also a talented free-lance photographer, documenting events for organizations, schools and families. She uses her photography both at home and abroad to raise awareness of and to preserve cultural heritage. Judy has documented the work of Project Kesher in Russia and the Ukraine. An exhibit, Reverence in Bali, explored not only Bali-Hindu culture, it also drew correlations with Jewish practice. Her current personal projects include Mother and Adult Daughter Dynamics and investigating traditional plant medicine in Bolivia. Judy's work has been exhibited in private collections and in museums and galleries across North America, among them Yeshiva University Museum, The Aldrich Museum ( CT), The Aidekman Gallery at Tufts University, The Rosen Museum, the Hebrew Union College Museums, and many more. A folio of her Judaic prints is part of the Yale University for the Art of the Book Collection.
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