Hannah Simons

Hannah's Ideas in Wood allow you to integrate a piece of natural art with a fast paced lifestyle. In a world of plastic and metal, Hannah's products offer a breath of fresh air; providing functionality in beautiful solid cherry wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from local, sustainably-harvested cherry trees. Hannah works in collaboration with her father, Jonathan, who started Jonathan’s Spoons over 30 years ago. With his experience and Hannah's ideas, they create unique accessories that help bring the earth back to a modern world. Jonathan has been making wooden spoons since before Hannah was born. She loved growing up helping him answer phone calls, pack orders, and travel to craft shows. It always felt like such an adventure. Hannah and Jonathan had talked about starting a business together for a few years when one day she pitched the idea of a wooden iPad stand. Hannah had recently graduated from college and was struggling to find enough work to pay the bills. They thought it was an interesting enough idea to pursue a design. Within two years they expanded Hannah's line to include iPhone stands, book stands, and hair sticks, among other things. Hannah and Jonathan work together in the design of new ideas and the process of creating each piece. While most of Jonathan's time is spent running the spoon business, Hannah's time is devoted to making iPhone stands and her other creations and adventuring to craft shows.
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