Bonnie Sachs

Bonnie started making art as a small child and has always taken art classes, even while pursuing degrees in Hebrew and Computer Science. Most recently, she studied with Vitek Kruta, a professional artist trained in the Old World techniques of the European masters. It is with Vitek that Bonnie learned the methods that she is currently using in her work. Bonnie loves color and especially enjoys playing with color placement, exploring the effect a color’s proximity to its neighbor has on each of them. When Bonnie paints, she gets to experience color in all of its vibrant beauty. While paint enables her to commune with color, creating with clay allows a more tactile interaction, providing its own unique satisfaction. Bonnie's current work enables her to do both, as she creates the design in clay, and then paints the cast material. Whatever the medium, it opens new possibilities and ideas in the creative process. Bonnie's present focus is Jewish-themed art. She finds inspiration and meaning from working with the symbols of her Jewish heritage. Bonnie is gratified to create art that can enhance the beauty and warmth of one’s environment and provide a sense of cultural identification and connectedness.
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