Barbara Matzner

Barbara, a noted Judaica artist and designer for many years, has recently teamed up with artisans throughout Bali and Colombia, South America, to create unique, ethically sourced items. Using traditional craftsmanship and natural materials indigenous to the region, Balinese master craftsmen have magically transformed shells and sterling silver into a lasting treasure that captures the special "spirit of Bali." In Colombia, South America, highly skilled artisans, members of a small family business, employ an ancient technique called pasto, using wood and plant fiber to create a fresh, unique and colorful plate using designs created together with Barbara. Each wood form is made by hand, then sanded and polished. The thin slivers of hand cut, naturally dyed straw are woven into pattern, then applied to the wood surface. The entire piece is sealed with several layers of beeswax, and polished again. Most recently, following the fair trade principle to help artisans find new products in an effort to support a sustainable industry, Barbara is collaborating with artisans in Colombia to create beautiful and colorful hand made pieces from resin.