APTECPERU is the organization of Artisans Producers Tawantinsuyo Technology and Ecology, that create, develop and promote Peruvian handicrafts worldwide. An artisan collective located near Lima, Peru, it is a community of 16 family workshops employing about 140 people from low-income areas. The extensive skills of the artisans are showcased in their handmade products, which include ceramics, jewelry, textiles, stained glass and woodwork. The collective not only helps to preserve a culture rich in tradition, but it also allows its artisans to design and create high quality crafts and ear a steady income. As a member of the World Fair Trade Federation, the families demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility in all its processes. AptecPeru ensures that its artisans are paid fairly for their work, creating a sustainable working environment for the artisans, their families and their communities, and helping to lift them out of poverty. The artisan families that constitute AptecPeru are invested in the appreciation and preservation of the natural resources that surround them. Their products are made of sustainable raw materials such as clay, dried gourds, and plant dyes, and they also use recycled materials that would otherwise be in a landfill. All materials are harvested in a sustainable manner in order to replenish plant life and maintain water quality. As part of the World Day of the Fair Trade project, the artisans crafted porous ceramic pots that were filled with plants and donated them to 400 families in the village of Nuevo Ayacucho, providing clean air for the community. Aptec Peru's artisans take great pride in their intricate textiles, beautiful ceramic pots and vases, silver jewelry and creative gourd decorations. In turn, these crafts, and loyal buyers like yourselves, help the artisans create a sustainable income and future.  
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