American Stonecraft

Gerald Croteau III is the entrepreneur who started American Stonecraft. American Stonecraft’s mission is to make beautiful irony of New England’s infamously rocky farmland. To accomplish this goal, American Stonecraft showcases this ‘new’ farm produce and helps farmers preserve open space. What was once an obstacle to farming is now a collectible artifact of America’s rich history, westward migration, and rugged farmers. Their stones are hand-gathered above ground from independent, working, New England farms: rather than dismantle the 250,000 miles of stonewalls lining the countryside, they gather the stones right from the field or from the small piles scattered about working farms. Growing up, Gerald spent summers helping his grandparents at their stoneyard in Massachusetts. After graduating from college with a degree in economics, he advised on the antitrust implications of mergers, and sold condos in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While on a trip back to New England (which he realized he missed dearly), Gerald saw a fieldstone cut open for the first time. To his surprise, the stone revealed surprisingly beautiful colors and patterns inside. Thanks to Gerald's economics background and goals, a light bulb went off at that moment and he decided to make a career change.
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