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Alan Block

A life-long educator, both as a teacher and as an administrator, Alan has always been excited by ideas. Challenging others to think and see for themselves has always been a two-way street: learning and growing together through engaged interaction and the exchange of ideas and thoughts. Carrying this professional foundation forward, he has been able to transfer, from his career as an educator to his new career as a woodworker, what was mostly an intellectual pursuit into a creative woodworking passion. Searching for the unique qualities of local and exotic hardwoods and transforming them into useful and beautiful objects has become a second career for Alan. His woodworking process begins with a search for the right wood. Attention to detail, with a commitment to highlight the unique and natural beauty of each carefully selected hardwood, is foremost. Alan chooses his wood pieces based on grain, knots, wormholes, naturally occurring figurations or a singularly striking natural shape. Whether used as a daily servicing piece, a magnificent decorative table setting, or a decorative wall hanging, every board and wood burl is both practical and aesthetically unique. Each board is entirely produced by hand and is rubbed with a food safe oil/wax finish to bring out the natural beauty of its grain and other wood qualities. Handcrafted boards complement any table. Preferred hardwoods include walnut, black walnut, claro walnut, cherry, maple, big leaf maple, hickory, white oak, and South American rosewood. Alan has taken his lifetime passion for ideas to find new expression through his woodworking.
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"I really love showcasing my work at The Aesthetic Sense because Karen and Jay are foremost supporters of environmentally responsible artistic creativity. Their emphasis on fair trade and ecological integrity is especially admirable."

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