Adi Sidler

Adi Sidler is a contemporary and minimalist Judaic artist. In answer to the question "Why Judaica?" Adi answers: "In my opinion, the world of Judaica is often thought of as old fashioned and even obsolete. I became interested in Judaica because I felt I could add some new perspective to Judaica designs, and produce some modern minimalist designs with clean lines. I come from a secular background, but I take great care in ensuring my products are designed in accordance with Jewish Law. My goal is to reach a wide audience, so that even non-observant or non-religious people can connect with Judaism and Judaica." Adi was born in Tel Aviv in 1970. A Graduate of the Bezalel Arts Academy, Jerusalem, in 1998, Adi studied jewelry design and trends and twice won the the Romi Shapiro Award for Judaica, among other honors. After completing his studies, Adi began creating products for the home and office, with an emphasis on hand-crafted items. He then began designing Judaica products, combining innovative and industrial techniques, such as industrial laser cutting, machine techniques and more. Adi works in the mediums of stainless steel and aluminum metals, and combines plexiglass, wood, paper, rubber and other materials to create his characteristic clean minimilistic lines, with an emphasis on every detail, enabling him to create a high quality, stunning product.  
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