Yin Yang Bracelet Brown


Part of Carol's Spiritual Line, Yin Yang represents two primary forces. Together they form Chi, the life force that has its roots in ancient Chinese beliefs and traditional Chinese medicine. Yang, the “male” side, is pure energy and corresponds to heaven. Yin, the “female” side, is substance, and represents earth. The interaction of these forces is what determines the nature of the Universe; their relationship is manifested in 5 elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – which according to the tradition of Chi, make up all things. In further keeping with this tradition, the key to balance in life is to have a balance between each of these elements. Each of the elements represents a season, a role in life cycle, and our emotional and physical health. Brown represents the element Earth, and Late Summer, Sympathy, and Manifestation. Wear Brown to be mindful of bringing this element into balance in your own life.

The band is black rubber and fits a 7″ wrist. The yin yang and the fittings are edged in gold plated silver.

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Materials: sterling silver, gold plate, enamel, rubber

Size: pendant 1″ diam; bracelet fits a 7″ wrist