Wine Fountain by Agayof – 8 cups


This sleek kiddush cup wine fountain set for 8 is both contemporary and traditional. Made of teflon coated aluminium, it is an example of the merger between serious design, technology, and artistic sensibility.

The set includes a central fountain, one large cup in the center and eight small kiddush cups into which the divided wine flows. The fountain comes with removable spouts for easy washing and comes with fountain plugs, so that the set can be used for less then nine people.

Having a wine tasting party? This fountain and cups offer an ideal way to divvy up the rewards.

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More Details

Material: Anodized aluminum, teflon plated.

Size: fountain tray with large cup: 7″ diam x 11″; each small cup: 1 3/8″ diam x 2 1/2″

Comes with plastic plugs to close off some of the spouts. Food safe.