Waves Challah Board


This metal challah board is the result of a challenge set by designers Alice and Brian Bergner of Caesarea Arts to create a unique piece that would combine modernity, uniqueness, beauty and practicality. Its minimalistic lines incorporate a lightweight granite-porcelain base juxtaposed against colorful anodized aluminum decorations and a salt dish held in place by magnets. Into the base has been delicately engraved part of the blessing for the bread המוציא לחם מן הארץ (He who brings forth bread from the ground) “Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha’Aretz”.

 This board will not scratch with normal use and will bring you or your loved-ones many enjoyable Sabbaths.

 Matching challah knife sold separately.


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Materials: granite-porcelain base, anodized aluminum decorations, magnets

Size: 16 1/2″ x 9″ x 1/2″