The Dove of Peace and the Jewish Holidays


In this vibrant and meaningful work formed by decoupaging hand cut paper, Ketti Camus surrounds a large dove of peace with scenes from the Jewish holidays, as well as Shabbat and Israeli Independence Day. Many symbols are woven within: The dove, bringing peace to Jerusalem, is actually an abstract of the Hebrew word chai (Hebrew for “life”). Viewed vertically, the dove is an aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the first letter of the word emmet, Hebrew for truth. A hamsa for fortune and peace is in the corner of the aleph, so that the protective hand of the Almighty is there to offer protection and ward off the evil eye. When one looks carefully at the aleph from the top of the chamsa to the lowest part of the aleph, we see the outline of the map of Israel.

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Materials: Decoupage hand cut paper

Size: 3 dimensional framed picture 28″ x 35″

Plexiglass protection