Scribble Forked Salad Set


When Jonathan first designed these he gave a set to the neighbor. A year later when he was having dinner again with his neighbor he saw his design and couldn’t believe he forgot to make a set for the world. These are Jonathan’s favorite salad sets, and the neighbor’s….and maybe the rest of the world’s.

Love your spoons and they’ll love you back! With proper care, your new Jonathan’s® Wild Cherry Spoon will last a lifetime. The color of the spoons will deepen with use and with age; their beauty goes beyond skin deep, becoming the cherished utensils that we always reach for – embodying the internal beauty of usefulness.

Jonathan never works around chemicals, polyurethanes, plastics or polymers. He and his spoon helpers cut their spoons from the best Pennsylvania Cherry Wood they can find, then creatively sand them, always considering how they will work while cooking or serving. They oil their spoons with food grade mineral oil.

Jonathan recommends that you scrub them with a Scotchbrite pad using soap and warm water. Occasionally oil them with natural coconut oil using a paper towel or cloth to keep them looking their best.

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More Details

Materials: Renewable Pennsylvania cherry wood, oiled with food grade mineral oil

Size: 12″ each

Hand washing recommended