Satin Shabbat Challah Cover – Shabbat Blessings



Beautiful Shabbat silk challah cover, washable, handmade, signed and numbered by Israeli artist and noted calligrapher Oshrit Raffeld.

This cover is dedicated to Friday night as a welcoming Shabbat with all the blessings: Shalom Aleichem, Eshet Chayil and blessing of the children. The middle of the cover refers, in Hebrew, to the Almighty’s watching over you in your comings and goings, while excerpts from the Shabbat prayer “Shalom Aleichem” are located in the four corners of the square surrounding it. The top and bottom of the cover recites the blessings often given boys and girls on Shabbat.

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Materials: Satin

Size: 18″ x 14 1/2″