Samson’s Hare Cup


Inspired by the story of Samson. The play on words with Samson’s hair adds humor to the rabbit frieze on the cup in the center of the painting. Delilah is in warrior pose, surrounded by the tumbling columns of the Philistines. Diane admits that there really were no scissors in Biblical times!

Diane’s work is rich with color, design, narrative and tradition. Her works are painting in gouache, an opaque watercolor medium that enhances her vibrant palette, collages, mixed media, drawing or printmaking. She tells stories in each of her creations, paying homage to women’s empowerment, Eastern philosophy, mythology, and Jewish heritage and traditions. Handmade paper often adds texture and dimension to her work.



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Materials: Gouache on paper

Image Size: 10½” x 21″

Framed size: 29″ x 19″