Pomegranate Menorah


In this vibrantly cheerful Menorah, Tzuki celebrates life and its blessings. Decorated with delicious and lush pomegranates, one of the seven species indigenous to the State of Israel and traditional symbols of wisdom, bounty and fruitfulness.  Singing birds and flowery twigs add a cheerful note as the young woman extends to her friend a jar of sweet honey.  In the corner, hanging from the tree, is the notice “Israel” – source of life for the Jewish nation. The “shamash” is perched on the tree top. Each laser cut piece is individually hand painted and lacquered. As each piece is handpainted, there may be color variations.

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Materials: Painted steel and lacquer; glass candle holders.

Size: 15″ x 3″ x 8″

Takes tea lights or floating wicks in oil.

Care: After Chanukah, pour hot water over the Menorah to remove wax residue.