Pomegranate Honey Dish or Serving Bowl


This handmade lidded bowl, perfect as a honey pot or sugar bowl, is made in the shape of a pomegranate, one of the seven species and a symbol of blessing and abundance. When viewed from above, the top of the pomegranate is in the shape of a Star of David. As each one is hand crafted and hand glazed, no two are exactly alike and colors may differ slightly from pictures shown.

Ma’arag is a vocational center that assists approximately 90 – 100 adults at a time with mental or emotional disabilities, autism, or who are severely disabled. A unique and singular initiative, Ma’arag relies on four major elements: Rehabilitative, Communal, Touristic and Occupational.  The enterprise runs a variety of occupational and vocational workshops, such as Multimedia for people with severe disabilities. Adults with special needs run their creative-decorative art workshops (ceramics, textile, carpentry, laser cutting and more) on a daily basis, working and earn a living.  Ma’arag is located in the Galilee on the northern periphery of Israel.


More Details

Materials: ceramic

Size: 3 1/2″ diam x 2 3/4″