Mitzvah Stone Yahrzeit Memorial Candle Holder Black Glass


In Jewish tradition, when one visits a grave, one places a rock on the headstone to pay respect to the decedent’s life and memory. According to the Jewish Virtual Library of AICE, “The most common explanation for this tradition is that placing stones is a symbolic act that indicates someone has come to visit and the deceased has not been forgotten. A more common theme, however, is that stones last for eternity – as opposed to the short life span of flowers. Like the memory our loved ones, stones will never die.”

This yahrzeit memorial candle holder is designed to allow you to repeat that ritual and place a stone in your own home. Built as one piece (no assembly required), a sturdy artisan glass wall partition divides the dish in which the candle sits and the dish in which you place the stones.

As each piece is handmade by artists at the Tamara Baskin studio, no two will be exactly alike.

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Materials: glass, pouch of pebbles

Size: approx. 9″ x 5″ x 4″ tall

Instruction sheet included