You Haven’t Lived Embossed Metal Collage


ICONZ collages are individually handmade using little pieces of Africa: ethnic beads, reeds, copper, and brass. Ready for framing. Every spiral, zigzag of copper or brass is individually hand crafted, and every bead is patiently threaded to create the authentic and special handmade effect of the work. By purchasing a piece of IconZ art, you are supporting women who are able to work in their own homes and support their families.

This piece features an old Jewish proverb: If you don’t know what you are living for, you haven’t lived.

As each collage is made individually by hand, no two are exactly alike and colors and patterns may differ slightly from the picture shown.

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Materials: aluminum, ethnic beads, reeds, copper, brass, mat board

Size: 10″ x 10″

Matted, unframed