Lakiya Woven Pillow – Small White


Lakiya‘s rugs are hand woven outdoors on traditional ground looms using the wool of local desert sheep. Lakiya women acquire the raw material – the pure wool of Awasi sheep – from local Bedouin shepherds and spin it into thread. These authentic, ethnic products are renowned both for their beauty and their durability. Traditional patterns and colors are incorporated in the products for contemporary lifestyle, including floor rugs, tapestries, cushion covers and bags.

This beautiful cushion uses the traditional Bedouin olive green and vibrant red, paired with a soothing natural color center. As these are hand-dyed and handwoven, colors can vary.

By purchasing a Fair Trade item, you are empowering women and promoting social justice by working directly with underprivileged artisans and paying them fair wages for handmade, quality products. Because of the fair wages artisans are paid, they are able to bring home enough enough money to support their entire families and send their children to school to receive an education.

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Materials: 100% sheep wool. Zippered on the side.

Size:  20 1/2″ square

Follows fair trade practices