Labradorite and Iolite Beaded Necklace


This delicate handcrafted necklace features nine graduated labradorite briolettes; the faceted surfaces bring out the gemstones’ fascinating interplay of blue and green iridescence. The smaller iolite beads gently contrast with the labradorite to give this unique piece an elegant touch. The ends are finished with sterling silver findings, and the necklace fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Traditional gemstone lore says that labradorite brings courage to the wearer or owner of the stone. It also brings light and illumination to the mysteries of the universe. Iolite is believed to transform intellectual knowledge into intuition and true wisdom, enhance will power and unselfish energy, and give insight and sense of direction.

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Materials: Labradorite, iolite, glass seed beads, sterling silver

Size: 17 1/2″