Family Tree of Life Menorah – Red


This Chanukah menorah by Tzuki celebrates family joy and togetherness, with a tree as the metaphor to describe its roots deep in the grond and the branches of the family reaching to the sky – especially when watered and loved. One parent at the top and at the base, making sure there’s constant nourishment and love. The result is a blooming family surrounded by light and color. Each laser cut piece is individually hand painted and lacquered. As each piece is handpainted, there may be color variations, but the base color (red) will remain the same.

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Materials: Painted steel and lacquer, glass candle holders

Size: 12 3/4″ x 4″ x 15″

Takes tea lights or floating wicks in oil.

Care: After Chanukah, pour hot water over the Menorah to remove wax residue.