Ethiopian Challah Cover


Cream colored challah cover hand embroidered by Ethiopian women in Israel using traditional and ancient Jewish-Ethopian motifs.

This challah cover is made under the auspices of Almaz, an entrepreneurial project for empowering Ethiopian women and men in Israel. The goal of the project is to develop and promote disadvantaged and unique communities and to preserve Ethiopian art, which is based on ancient ethnic embroideries that reflect traditional Ethiopian culture. The project employs a staff of Ethiopian embroidery artisans who keep these traditional Ethiopian art forms alive by creating embroidered works.

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Materials: 100% woven cotton

Size: 17″ x 17″

Meet the Artist: Buy For Good Israel

Buy for Good, an Israeli social justice venture, is a marketplace that helps you support Israel and its people of all religions, all ethnicities and all backgrounds in a new way. All of Buy for Good's products are hand crafted by adults and children with disabilities or from under-resourced communities in Israel in various workshops sponsored by nonprofit educational and vocational programs throughout the country. The endeavor nurtures talent, rewards perseverance, and bolsters the human spirit. These sponsoring organizations provide an environment that teaches skills, celebrates achievements, and builds confidence, self-esteem and self-respect.

By purchasing an item crafted by Buy for Good artisans, you are buying an item that gives back: every purchase supports employment opportunities and job creation for those in need, helps each of us to see beyond a person's disabilities and shows respect for the artisan, and helps the artisans integrate into the wider community where they can live full and productive lives.

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