Colorful Travel Menorah – Candlesticks


This contemporary menorah by Lev Schneiderman doubles as candlesticks. Separated, the 9 discs form a contemporary and compact menorah. Stacked, they become Shabbat candlesticks. Crafted of aluminum, each disc is a different color, but the piece is unified by the common design that tops each disc.

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Materials: anodized aluminum, brushed and polished

Size: Each disc: 1 1/2″ diam x 5/8″; Shammas: 1 1/2″ diam x  1 1/8″; Menorah: 1 1/2″ diam x  14″; Candlesticks: 1 1/2″ diam x  2 7/8″

Stack for travel.

No two are exactly alike; although each hanukkiah is made of the same variety of colors, the shammas differs on each.